Charge Point Management System

Seamless EV Charging

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with Our Advanced Management System. Run your EV Charging business without all the complexities and costs.

Key Features

Remote Monitoring and Control

Monitor charging station status in real-time.
Remote troubleshooting and system control.

User-friendly Interface

Intuitive dashboard for easy navigation.
Accessible from any device.

Smart Charging Scheduling

Optimize charging times for efficient energy use.
Flexible scheduling options for users.

Payment Integration

Seamless payment processing for users.
Supports various payment methods.

Customized Reporting

Generate detailed usage reports.
Monitor revenue and consumption trends.

Advantages of Our Charge Point Management System

Enhanced User Experience

Simple and efficient charging process for EV users. Customizable user profiles.Customizable user profiles.r mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Maximized Station Uptime

Real-time monitoring reduces downtime. Proactive maintenance alerts.

Increased Revenue Streams

Monetize your charging stations with flexible pricing. Boost revenue through user-friendly payment options.

Environmental Impact

Promote sustainable transportation. Reduce carbon footprint with optimized charging.

Why Choose Us?

Why SuperCharge.SG's SAAS?


  • Years of experience in EV charging infrastructure.
  • Trusted by businesses and communities.


  • Adaptable systems for various¬† sizes.
  • Network growth without compromising efficiency.

Comprehensive Support

  • Dedicated customer support team.
  • Regular updates for performance optimization.

All our plans are designed to equip you with everything necessary to thrive in the EV charging industry, offering smart charging devices, a cutting-edge back-end system, and comprehensive services, from station maintenance to seamless roaming integrations.


  • Embark on your own EV charging venture

  • Initiate your EV charging service effortlessly and grant access to your customers or tenants.

  • We handle the installations for you.


  • Grow your charging business, boost market share, and increase revenue with EV charging as an added value service.

  • Gain insights of EV drivers.

  • Brand your EV charging service.


  • Transform your charging business into a primary venture and deploy in weeks rather than months.

  • Operate in multiple countries.

  • Benefit from advanced branding options.

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Ready to take your EV charging stations to the next level?

Join the clean energy revolution with our Charge Point Management System.

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