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Let’s help brands create engaging sustainability experiences to invest and own solar photovoltaic and Electric Vehicle chargepoints locally and abroad.

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We give you the technology, resources and become your enabler to help you stand up and scale up your monetization of EV charging ownership. Invest in project based Solar and EV Charging projects in Singapore and abroad.

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With SuperCharge.SG’s suite of solutions, you can expand your Solar and EV charging assets, and launch highly profitable locations, quickly and with confidence.

Streamlined operations

Our platform is merchant focused and operator friendly, leaving you to focus on what you do best – reaping returns on your investments.

Increased Conversions

Help Solar and EV charge point assets stand out in today’s highly competitive market and meet rising consumer expectations by delivering a highly differentiated experience.

Want to team up?

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experienced Industry-leading enabler

Your dedicated Partner Account Manager ensures you have the support needed to position and implement SuperCharge Solar Energy and EV Charging infrastructure investment solutions with confidence locally and abroad.

Invest in solar & EV charging ponts

Scale quickly with on-demand implementation and management training, certification, a direct line to our Solutions Engineers and a complimentary account with a Starter Kit. Invest and quickly watch your projects materialise to reap returns on your investments.

Seamless onboarding and roi management

Access our backend portal simplifies revenue monitoring whilst our Most Valuable Partner Program (MVVP), profit share and client referral opportunities help you realise value rapidly. Own and reap the ROI on SuperCharge Solar and EV Charging points both in Singapore and Malaysia.

SuperCharge.SG EV Equipment Specialist Certification Program

SuperCharge.SG provides a free training session for our installation partners every month to ensure that we use best practices for every installation.

Becoming a Certified SuperCharge.SG Partner via our free training now. Sign up now for the next available session.

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