Harness the Power of Solar Energy for Your Property

Contribute to Environmental Conservation and Enjoy Substantial Cost Benefits

Embark on the journey towards sustainability by installing solar panels for your home with no initial expenses through our leasing plan or opt for an outright purchase.

Why Choose Us?

Why Opt for Solar Energy?

Positioned as one of the leading solar panel companies in Singapore, we champion the adoption of Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems for residential use. Solar energy, readily available in Singapore, perfectly aligns with the vision of a carbon-neutral future, making it an ideal solution for a cleaner and sustainable energy.

About Our Company

Unlock Cost-Efficiency

By installing solar panels, you can maximise the use of roof space. Slash your electricity bills by up to 70% depending on roof area and monthly energy consumption.

Minimise Carbon Impact

Solar energy stands out as one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources, generating electricity without emissions. A reliable energy source for your property!

Preserve Your Roof

Constant high variations of temperature wears out your roof. Solar panels installed on rooftops provide a layer of protection, keeping the roof cooler throughout the day.

How it Works

Understanding Solar Panel Operations

Sunlight hits the solar panel surface, generating direct current (DC) electricity.

The inverter converts DC into alternating current (AC) electricity.

Electricity enters your distribution board (DB box), powering your home.

Any surplus solar energy flows outwards through the meter, and SP Group compensates you for it.

At night, you continue to receive electricity from your retailer as usual.


Residential Solar Panel Installation Pricing Plans

Ready to embrace solar panels for your home? Choose from our two flexible plans: leasing plan or opt for an outright purchase.

Explore 10 Year SOLAR Leasing Plan

Budget-friendly, stress-free monthly instalments.

starting at $200 

/ Month

Explore 5 Year SOLAR Leasing Plan

Begin with a down payment and enjoy reduced monthly payments

Starting at $150

/ Month

SuperCharge Solar Outright Purchase

Enjoy reduced electricity bills. No monthly repayments thereafter.

From $18,500

/ Upfront

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