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Supercharge Your EV charging

As an impact-driven startup and a leading LTA approved EVCO in Singapore, we strive to accelerate your EV adoption.

We empower EV Charging for you.

From a single private residence to large corporations, we have a solution for your EV Charging needs, grown sustainably.

Browse our line of EV charging points

Our TR25 compliant EV charging points are capable of smart features like dynamic load balancing ensure zero downtime and a disruption-free environment for all residents.

ECCG grant to fund your EV Charger

We bear all the costs of materials, installation and commissioning of EV charging points for your private residence – simple & affordable!

Unrivalled reliability & performance. Charge Point Management System

Gain total backend control – without complex infrastructure

SuperCharge.SG backend Charge Point Management System (CPMS) delivers unrivalled asset and load management capabilities, capable of handling concurrent active EV Charger sessions at the same time.

Take a tour of our Charge Point Management System

Manage and monetise your EV charging points through our high performance backend system

Compatible Brands

Our EV charging points are compatible with all EV Brands in Singapore.

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