Factors that affect your EV driving range

EV drivers will quickly realise that no two drivers can get the same kilometres out of the same electric cars. In fact, you will get different driving ranges each time you charge the battery to 100 percent, and you may never get the driver range quoted by the manufacturer. This is because several factors determine the actual range offered by your EV. In this article, we explore these factors.


The weather affects how long your battery lasts. This is because EV batteries have a range of temperatures where they work best. For example, when it is cold, EV batteries yield shorter ranges and take longer to charge.

The impact of the temperature on your driving range varies from brand to brand, as the manufacturers use different approaches to mitigate. However, the general rule is that driving ranges decrease as the temperature dips.


Batteries suffer what is known as degradation as the years go by. This means they lose capacity gradually until they are no longer fit for use in the car. Sophisticated battery management systems can slow down this process, but the battery will eventually because less able to hold a charge, and you will get less range.

Using fast DC chargers can worsen this degradation problem, which is why we recommend you charge your EV with Level 2 chargers as much as possible. At the end of this article, we will show you the best method to install your charging station in Singapore.


The range you get from your EV may be affected by how you drive. For example, rapid acceleration puts more load on the battery. By driving at a steady speed, you can help conserve battery.

Similarly, using regenerative braking as much as possible can help you top up your battery. It does not replace plugging into the grid, but every little drop helps.


The more load you put on your car, the less range you get because you will need more energy to move the vehicle. Similarly, towing cargo behind your automobile will make your battery level go down faster, resulting in less driving range.

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