Selecting the best tires for your EV

Electric vehicles are the new kings of the road. However, without tires, EVs cannot take you anywhere. If you own or plan to own an electric car, you might wonder what type of tire is best for you. Keep reading this article to find out how to decide which type of tire is best for your electric car.


Cars that use batteries typically weigh more than ICEs, sometimes about 30 percent more. The increased weight is due to the battery, weighing up to a third of the car. For this reason, EV tires bear more load, hence doing more work. You need to select tires that won’t wear out quickly.

Similarly, the increased torque that EV owners often boast about and show off puts more stress on the tires. It is, therefore, necessary to select durable tires for your car.


Tires make noises as they roll on the road surface. However, for ICE cars, the noise from the engine swallows it up, and you might not notice them. Due to the quiet operation that EVs are known for, you will hear as the tires grip the road. Some EV drivers seem not to mind the noise, while others find it annoying. If you fall in the latter category, you might want to invest in some noiseless tires.


Driving during the winter tasks your car more. For ICE drivers, this additional load may be negligible. However, you need to scavenge as much range as possible with an electric vehicle that already suffers from reduced range when it is cold.

Some EV owners have two sets of tires, one for the summer and another for the winter. If you live where it snows, it is crucial to get the best tire for that period of the year to minimise range loss.


It is advisable to get tires that offer lower rolling resistance, especially tires specifically made for EVs. With lower rolling resistance, you will reduce the work your car has to do to move on the road, thereby increasing your driving range.

Tires are important for your car, but you need to charge the battery to be able to drive them. We advise that you install your own home charging station so that you enjoy the experience. However, many EV owners need professional help to install their charging stations.

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