Why you should install EV chargers on your business premises

Electric vehicles in Singapore have been experiencing massive growth. For instance, during the first six months of 2021, EVs plying the roads grew by more than 27 percent. However, as a business owner in Singapore, this EV growth is a perfect opportunity to increase your own revenue! How so? Read the rest of this article to find out how you can reap the same benefits!


EV owners are different from ICE drivers because they do not have to go to the filling station to refuel. Since EVs use electricity to charge their batteries, EV owners have more options because you can find electricity everywhere.

However, EV chargers are not as widespread, so EV drivers are always looking out for opportunities to charge their cars. This is where you, as a business owner, can cash in. You can do this by offering EV chargers on your business premises. Below are the benefits of providing public chargers where you do business.


EV owners are among the most sought-after demographic because they are usually affluent and educated. By putting out a sign advertising the presence of EV chargers on your premises, you can attract and retain this set of customers.

If you run a business like a restaurant, shopping mall, Laundromat, cinema, etc., your client can plug in to charge while they transact their business. They will always return to you, meaning you enjoy more sales!

You could also generate revenue by charging a token for using your charger.


If your staff own electric vehicles, you can offer them free charging as perks. This keeps them happy and less likely to leave your employment.


If you are in the property rental business, installing EV chargers in your apartments will make them more sought after, increasing their value. This means more revenue for you! As more properties in the area install EV chargers, the whole neighbourhood appreciates in property value!

Installing EV chargers does not have to be difficult if you call on the experts. They will ensure minimal disruption to your regular business during the installation period while also maintaining safety standards. Our well-trained team at Super Charge is up to the task, and this is why you should talk to us today.

Visit our website today, SuperCharge.SG, or call/email us through 8790 7879 or info@supercharge.sg. You can also keep up with us on Instagram @supercharge.sg.

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