Why you should install your own home charger

volkswagen ev being charged at home

If you own or plan to own an electric vehicle in Singapore, you will know you have to charge the battery. While there are several options, charging at home is the best. Despite the extra expenses you will incur, installing your own home charging station brings many benefits.

In this article, we look at the benefits of having your own home charging station. We also include the best way to install a home charging station in Singapore.


If you drive an internal combustion engine car, you know you need to head out to the filling station each time you want to refuel. However, with your own home charging station, you can refuel without going out. Also, since the charger is yours, you can charge anytime you wish and for as long as you need. For example, simply plugging in every night will let you wake up to a full battery every day.

Home is also safer. Some public chargers are located in dark places that can get lonely and expose you to danger, making home charging preferable.


DC public charging costs more, so it makes sense financially to charge at home. This is because some charging networks require you to maintain membership, apart from paying for the electricity you use. Also, you can switch your plan to a cheaper tariff or target off-peak periods when electricity is cheaper when you install your own charging station.

You can also install solar panels that will reduce your electricity cost and also reduce your carbon footprint by producing your own electricity.


DC charging is faster, but it affects your battery by speeding up degradation, meaning you lose battery capacity at a rapid rate. By installing your home charging station, you won’t be under pressure to use DC public chargers because you will always have enough battery.

Now that you know you should install your home charger, it is crucial to use the services of professional installers. This is because they will use their expertise to help you select the best charging equipment and save on cost. Talk to our team at Super Charge today to see how we can help you.

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